5 Tips to Prolong Your Laptop’s Life

Indeed, laptop is compact, elegant and efficient piece of gadget that is packed in the power of a big and husky desktop in a small frame. Laptop is one such gadget that people prefer now days instead of a big desktop and obviously it has to have a long life! It is a significant investment because spare parts aren’t easily available and replaceable because they are compactly set in a small laptop frame. This fact makes your laptop even more valuable.

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In this blog, we are going to talk about some tips to prolong your laptop’s life as stated by the professionals who are engaged in the laptop repair from the long time. So, without further delay, let’s get into the tips!

1. Don’t overcharge the laptop: Well, if you are using a new model, then it isn’t possible to overcharge the battery because newer models contain lithium ion batteries. But the circuit that protects the battery from overcharging may start to malfunction which further lead the battery to heat up and will eventually may damage it.

2. Use the charger that is made by the original manufacturers only: The laptop charger that is made by the original manufacturers have to pass through to a number of strict quality checks to ensure that the electricity supplied to the laptop doesn’t harm it. The charges that aren’t original manufactured might not have undergone these strict quality checks and can eventually supply high voltage that can harm the laptop.

3. Do not eat or drink near the laptop: Well, it would seem entertaining to eat snacks or coffee while working or watching a movie, but let me clear you that it is incredibly risky. Chances are that the liquid can make its way inside the system and can damage the internal components of the laptop. So remember to keep the foods and drinks away from the laptop.

4. Do not keep heavy objects on it: Laptop is a delicate machinery which can be harmed if you keep heavy objects on it. If you keep a heavy object, then it can eventually damage it. So, keep that in mind!

5. Clean the exhaust vents: Obviously, your seller would have advised you to do not open the laptop and it would turn out to be a scary process if you are from a non-technical background. Over the time, a lot of dust gets collected which interrupts the cooling process. It even degrades them. You need to clean the cooling vents from time to time and if you are not familiar of how it needs to be done, then you need to contact the laptop repair Mumbai.

We hope, that the above post will improve your knowledge and you will take some mandatory actions / steps to prolong the laptop’s life.

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