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laptop repair mumbai: we are a small team of technicians who can get any issue resolved with your laptop or macbook. we repair all brands of laptops including apple macbook dell Acer hp Lenovo sony etc. we have a ready stock of led lcd screen replacements for 14inch, 15.6inch laptops display. most of the issues we fix it onsite in a few hours to get started with a repair call or what’s an app on 977-300-4903 with the model number. laptop repair mumbaiother issues like viruses or software related issues in your laptop we can get it resolved via remote software in 30 mins without even visiting your place many issues such as outlook not working, Microsoft word not responding or a nasty virus we can fix almost all the issues which are related with operating system or software. you can call us any time we are open 24 hours for emergency laptop repair in mumbai. [ chat-now]

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laptop screen replacement: broken or cracked screen we have a replacement part for all the brands and all the models of known brands such as hp compaq, dell Inspiron, sony vaio, toshiba, lenovo g5-30, etc. onsite screen replacement takes less than 15mins the service is available in all the areas of mumbai and navi mumbai.

onsite laptop keyboard repair: due to moisture and dust the laptop keyboard may not give a proper response few keys may not work in that case we can try to clean the keyboard if the issue still persists we can get the keyboard to replace for your laptop. no need to carry the laptop to any service center we can send a technician at your place we can get the work done at your place in front of you. no more waiting when the work is assigned to  laptop repair mumbai team.

laptop wifi repair: unable to connect the internet using wifi? It can be a possible issue with wifi drivers or wifi chip (wifi card is a hardware part placed inside the laptop) In case of wifi card failure we can diagnose if there is a loose connection or faulty wifi chip we can get it to replace which will resolve we at laptop repair mumbai technicians can fix any issue with your apple mac or windows laptops.

laptop hinges repair: unable to open the laptop lid or the top or broken body of the laptop we have repair and replacement option for all the brands in case of minor crack or broken hinges we can do fabrication in case of major damage like a broken piece of the laptop we can get the base, bottom or top body replaced all parts are original and come with a warranty.[ chat-nowfor laptop repair mumbai.

hardware upgrade: planning to run a designing application like autocad or photoshop? we can assist you in upgrading the cpu, hard drive, and ram which will boost the performance which will enable the heavy application like 3dmax, etc to run smoothly. Share the current configuration and will check what the upgrade options available. we repair all types of windows & mac os devices, laptops, macbook pro, macbook air, all In one pc, etc.

data safety: all our work is safe and no data loss when we repair any devices. before repair, we perform an in-depth diagnosis to understand the issue in detail so that the issue can be fixed permanently and there will be the very least chances that the same issue will come again all the repair comes with 1 month to 6 months of warranty.

laptop repair mumbai: If you live in mumbai or navi mumbai looking for affordable laptop repair in mumbai get in touch with us for repair all issue related with a screen, keyboard, hard drive, broken body, mouse pad can be done onsite at your place in 2 hrs to get started you can WhatsApp the model number of a laptop along with issues will check the availability of parts and give you pricing on the spot once you confirmed the time/day to visit we will send our technician for the repair at your home/ office.

laptop screen replacement mumbai: broken? cracked screen? we can get it done onsite in 15 mins we have all stock of ready screen for all brands like dell, hp, lenovo, etc all screen is of good quality and comes with an onsite warranty as we use to grade a screen there is no difference in the screen view or picture quality after replacement we are sure you will like the parts screen are available in matt and glossy at the same price on at laptop repair mumbai store.

hardware upgrade: the mac or laptop is working slow and gets stuck/hangs while working? the best way it can solve by upgrading the hardware from hard drive to ssd and additional ram upgrade from 4GB traditional to 8GB or higher. after the upgrade will install the operating system and required software all data will be backed up before making any changes so there is no data loss.

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