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screen replacementSearching a trusted, reliable & quick laptop repair Mumbai? the laptop repair center is a reliable laptop repair & service center in Mumbai for the same day & onsite hardware/software, virus removal, screen replacement & keyboard replacement, broken body service, laptop fabrication, heating issues and hardware upgrade services. we use quality parts to solve any issues. we are the best service center for your dell or hp laptop – Call 977-300-4903 to check about the onsite repair in your area. Our prime motive is to become the top choice of our customers when it comes to laptop repair & services in Mumbai. We have more than 15 years of experience & every day, we take challenge of our customers to provide them quick, reliable & best laptop services at their doorsteps.

screen replacement: broken or cracked screen can’t be repaired hence replacement only options to get your laptop working. we keep ready stock of all 14 inches and 15.6 inches led/ lcd screen for Sony, hp, Lenovo, macbook laptops. [full hd display screen] If any chance you are using any dell alienware, Asus rog, or any gaming laptop it will require a full hd display with higher resolution above 1980 X 1080 to get any information call 977-300-4903 and share the model/ serial/ part number of display information we will share you the approx. cost for screen replacement.

keyboard repair: If any of the keystrokes are not functioning or getting automatically type can be a possible issue with moisture in keypad we can visit at your place check the existing keyboard will clean and re-install it in case the issue is not resolved we can get a new replacement part for that model. many of the keyboards can be installed in 15 mins few keyboards have to be installed from inside which takes approx 45mins to 90mins keyboard replacement cost can be anywhere from Rs 700- Rs 4000.

dead laptop: dead is consider when there is no sign of lights and no power going in, repairing a possible with conditions that parts, the chip must be available for replacing we do have vendors we can provide with the originals parts with very ease for dell, Lenovo, HP Acer but few brands like Sony, Samsung, Toshiba the parts are not easy the best is call 977-300-4903 or Whats app shares the model number we will let you know the best we can do it.

water spilled laptops: in case if you have spilled any liquid on the laptop there are chances it may damage laptop motherboard the very first step you try to turn off and get in touch with a technician by calling 800-763-5202 who can guide you the next step.

macbook pro repair: md101 is one the best models of the apple macbook pro hardly any issue come in it and it can be easily repairing as long as the issue is not with the intel chipset, here is the list of models which can easily repair macbook pro 15 inches 2017, macbook pro 13 inch 2017,macbook retina 12-inch 2017, macbook mid-2009, macbook late 2008, macbook pro retina 13 inch early 2013, macbook pro retina screen mid-2014, macbook pro mid2008, 2008, 2010, 2011 and 2012 a1278, a1278, a1297, a1286, a1425, a1502, a1398looking for another model send model number on whats app [click here]. in case of any other issue like macbook track pad, keyboard, screen repair, and service in Mumbai just call 800-763-5202.

dell laptop repair: any issue with dell inspiron, xps and vostro repair call 800-763-5202 and share the exact issue you are facing in case of any software issue we can get it to fix remotely in case of any hardware we can send a technician for onsite repair at your place. issue related to dell keyboard, screen, battery replacement in Mumbai can be done in 30min at your place

hp laptop repair: any issue with hp pavilion, spectre, dv6, x360 or Compaq repair call 800-763-5202 and share the exact issue you are having software issue can be resolved on remote support in case of any hardware like motherboard or charger we can send a technician for onsite repair at your place. issue related to hp keyboard, screen, battery replacement in Mumbai can be done in 30min at your place.

track pad not working: mouse pad jumping, not allow you to work smoothly can be an issue related to drivers if you are using hp, Lenovo or Sony laptop you can visit the official website of hp using a serial number you can download the drivers in case of dell you will need to search for it using service. we can definitely fix this issue remotely just call and share the serial number for a laptop. in case the issue is not with drivers it can be a possible issue with a loose connection or the damaged sensor on the track pad we do have a replacement for the same. in case the laptop is under warranty you have to check with the service center of the brand you owe.

laptop speaker repair: if you hear the cracking or no sound can be a possible issue with an internal laptop speaker which can be repaired or if the issue is major speaker replacement is the best option if you are in Mumbai you can call us on 800-763-5202 for laptop speaker repair. the speaker is different for each brand example dell laptop speaker will not fit in hp or Lenovo laptop to get started with repair just send the model of the laptop we will send you to the cost of laptop speaker replacement (Mumbai only).

If you are worried about your laptop, as it has stopped functioning, we assure you to provide fastest home repair services in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai. Leave your laptop repair related problems on us and we just take one hour to get it repaired in front of you. We have no hidden charges and we always use genuine parts, so that you can enjoy your work for years.

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