Ways to Make Laptops Battery Last Longer

Modern laptops are more powerful as compared to the previous ones. It has been made possible due to the advancement in the technology that they are now made more efficient with greater battery lives. However, they still need to be plugged in for recharging it. While the battery life of laptop is still a major concern for most of the people as they need to charge it whole day long for keep it working. While most of the laptops don’t show sign of improvement, then the laptop owners consider going to laptop repair Mumbai for finding out the underlying issue.

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This article focuses on the 10 ways by which you can improve the battery life of your laptop. Here you go!

  • Dim your screen: The most power-hungry part of the laptop is screen. It takes good amount of battery for keeping the display clear and bright. For saving the power, you can just turn the brightness down.
  • Change power settings: Now, Windows 10 is available with some of the great power features which will enable you to get out the best of it when you’re plugged in the mains. And also with the help of power settings, you can optimize the life of the battery.
  • Switch off Wi-Fi: According to laptop repair Mumbai technicians, after the screen, the wireless networking capabilities is one of the biggest power eaters. If the Wi-Fi is on, then the battery constantly drains out by looking for available networks. Thus, if you’re using the laptop away from the gird, then you can turn Wi-Fi off.
  • Turn off peripherals: By using the USB peripherals, the system’s battery can be drained. USB peripherals such as USB sticks, mice and webcams are common offenders drains the battery. Thus, if these peripherals are not in use, then you should turn it off.
  • Eject your disc drives: If there’s a disc that is constantly spinning in the drive, then it’s a huge drain of the battery. You need to eject the discs before you go on to the battery power.
  • Invest in some hardware: One of the ways by which you can extend the life of the battery is by getting some help. Most of the laptop comes with a six-cell battery, but now most of the technician’s offer eight- or even 12-cell optional upgrades which can double up the battery life. You can simply visit laptop repair Mumbai for getting it.
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