Advanced Data Recovery Methods Data Recovery Specialist Uses in 2024

Data recovery is the method of bringing back unapproachable or deleted data from corrupted, formatted, or destroyed storage devices. To bring back the data, different methods are used to overcome logical and physical faults in the storage devices by data recovery specialist. These methods need extra software and hardware for retrieving, repairing, and reconstructing the storage media that is affected for the successful retrieval of data. Data recovery methods are divided into 2 types based on the sort of harm and accessibility loss to the storage media.

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Logical data recovery-

When the fault isn’t an issue associated with the hardware and can be solved using a software solution, it is termed as logical data recovery. Logical harm to the hard drive results in corruption and makes the data unreachable. Some kinds of logical damage cases are:

–    Formatted, smashed, or erased partition: When the hard disk becomes unreadable is due to damage to the partition table and file system because of the bad sector that develops when the hard drive is used. When data gets erased, it is vital to take out a hard disk from the device to connect to another system in read-only mode. The same is true for storage media like SD cards, etc. Stop using storage devices to sidestep eternal loss. The specialist at the data recovery Mumbai uses ideal tools to bring back the data from corrupted or smashed storage devices.

–    Overwritten data: When the file gets erased from the OS, that file is considered as free space by the device. When a program is installed or a file is copied to the system, it overwrites lost files and makes retrieval terrible. So, when you face loss of data, stop using the system to avoid more harm. SSDs work differently and salvage from SSDs is easier if TRIM is enabled.

Physical data recovery-

Human fault is another cause of data loss. A hard drive is fragile and compact. A little shock results in the non-working of the hard drive and permanent data loss. Thus, it is vital to manage the hard drive carefully. physical damage case includes:

–   Hardware repair: When the hard drive has some life, taking the help of the data recovery specialist would be beneficial to create the full disk image. Later on, a salvage process can be performed to disk images to reconstruct data.

–   Complexity: Physically harmed drives cannot be repaired by opening the disk as the environment needs to be dust-free and temperature-controlled. Also, this needs the right tools and actuators. For this reliable data recovery Mumbai shop is equipped with dust-free labs to carry out safe data recovery.


So, these are the methods data recovery specialist implement based upon the cause of data loss.

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