5 Tips to Speed up a Slow Laptop

If you are like most people of today’s age, then the laptop is the first thing that you would talk about in the morning and the last thing at the night. And for many of us, it is our ultimate lifeline and support. So, when a laptop goes slow, it is beyond frustrating and irritating. If you are facing some issues with your laptop, we want you to be aware of some of the most useful tips by the experts of laptop repair Mumbai.

Slow laptop service Mumbai

The tips will help you in handling a slow laptop and will save you from the anger and frustration of a slow laptop.

  1. Uninstall the programs that you don’t use: New systems come with pre-installed programs and chances are that you won’t be using them. These programs can eventually grab more space and can slow down your laptop. Go through all the programs on your laptop and uninstall the ones that aren’t used to you.
  2. Increase up the RAM: Are you the one who uses several applications altogether like mail, internet browser, and Word? Does your laptop respond slowly while switching on from one to another? If yes, then you must upgrade the RAM to fix this issue.
  3. Run disk defragment: Is it sounding scary to you? Well, it isn’t. Do you what disk de-fragmentation is? Well, it is an easy way to optimize the efficiency of the hard drive. An easy step to defragment the hard drive is to click on My Computer > Right click on hard drive > Select Properties > Tools > Defragment now.
  4. Run disk clean up: Believe it or not, your laptop can benefit a lot from disk cleaning. Follow the steps for disk cleaning. Click on start > All programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk clean-up.
  5. Dust and vacuum: You must dust and vacuum the laptop regularly. Laptops suck in a lot of dust through the cooling fan and even clog the airflow. A system or laptop runs at its best when it is cold and therefore the airflow needs to be clear to prevent overheating in your laptop. Overheating also results in slowing down the system. For this, turn off your laptop and wait for half an hour. Use your household vacuum on the lowest setting and be careful while it’s sucking the dust out of the laptop. You can even use canned air to blow out the dust once a week.

If you follow the above-mentioned tips carefully, then you’ll be able to speed up your slow laptop. If these tips aren’t helping you, then you can take help from professional laptop repair Mumbai. The experts will be able to get your laptop back on track.

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