3 Simple Steps to Keep Your Laptop Secure

A lot of people store sensitive data, both personal and official, on their laptops. Hence, it is important for them to keep their laptops safe and secured. But, the question is how you can achieve the same? Well, the answer to this question lies in this post. Being the best onsite service provider of laptop repair Mumbai, we have come up with the post to present you with a couple of tips to keep your laptop secure.

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So, without wasting any time, let us have a look at them in brief:

1 – Require a password when logging in

Setting up a login password is the initial step to secure a laptop. A login password can prevent others from accessing the files within your laptop without your permission. You are out to set up a password that would be not so easy for others to guess. Hence, make a distance from using your birthday, your cat’s name, or the name of a loved one, says onsite service provider of laptop repair near me Mumbai.

2 – Encrypt your hard drive

Setting up a login password on your laptop can keep it secured to some extent. However, in the event that the attacker has a lot of time, or your laptop gets stolen, they can remove the hard drive and read the files on your laptop directly, says an onsite service provider of laptop repair in Mumbai. With the end goal to maintain a distance from the same, you are ought to encrypt the hard drive of your laptop.

3 – Keep your system and software up to date

The viruses and malware also possess a great threat to the security of your laptop. Along with using branded and latest anti-virus software, you are also ought to keep the OS and other software on your laptop up to date. Keep in mind not to download random things, such as weird Flash update and so on, suggest an onsite service provider of laptop repair in Mumbai. With the latest browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox that auto-update function remains enabled by default. However, you are ought to ensure the same. That said, you are also ought to turn on the auto-update function of your OS and other applications with the end goal to benefits from the latest security patches.

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