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laptop repair mumbai is onsite repair firm for laptops and macbook you can get in touch with us on 977-300-4903 or 800-763-5202 for emergency laptop repair service in all the parts of mumbai and navi mumbai. we repair all brands of the laptop like apple mac, dell , hp, acer, lenovo, sony, etc we serve onsite repair in 130+ locations of mumbai including powai, vashi, chembur, govandi, sion, andheri, goregaon, dadar etc to get started with repair you can chat with us [ chat-now].share the issue with us on chat will share you the estimate cost repair / replacement we are open now.

laptop repaironsite repair: we can fix any hardware and software issues with a windows laptop and apple macbook. most of the laptop keyboard, macbook keyboard, mac battery, screen repair, and replacement is done onsite at your place which saves your time.

data safety: we always make sure that any repair we do on your laptop, computer or macbook you do not lose any of the data from the device as a backup precaution is taken before doing any repair if there is any chance of data loss.

pickup drop: in case of any issue which can’t be resolved onsite “example faulty on the motherboard” etc we do a pickup of the motherboard get it to repaired and deliver back the very next day. quality parts are used to make sure the performance of your device never goes down and increases the life of the device.

broken screen: a broken or cracked screen is caused by physical damage which can be replaced with new part lcd/led can come in the version of full hd and normal hd display on the based of model of the laptop we can decide which screen is best for your notebook there are many new models in dell Inspiron and hp 360 spectre which has touch screen with full hd resolution these screens can be available on request only. to get started with screen replacement in mumbai you can call us on 977-300-4903 or click here [ chat-now] for laptop repair in mumbai.

keyboard repair: dust and moisture are the very common reason because of which laptop keyboard stop working or start malfunction like unwanted keys input or few keys stop working as keyboard is an accessories of the laptop it can be replaced in less than 10 mins in most of the laptop where in new models the keyboard are soldered in the laptop and replacement can require 90 mins plus the work can be performed onsite at your place.

laptop hardware upgrade: slow booting laptop? freeze while multitasking? well, we have a hardware upgrade solution where we upgrade hardware components from the computer such has ssd, ram, cpu and gpu which is based on the requirement and nature of your work (example: a video editor will require more ram compare to others) there is no data loss when any hardware upgrade is performed.

charges: we do not charge anything for diagnosing or pickup drop of the device you only pay for the repair and parts used. pickup and drop are available anywhere in mumbai or navi mumbai our existing clients call us the best laptop repair near you in mumbai. any issue calls us we can try to resolve it on call or remote in case of any hardware issue like screen replacement, faulty keyboard replacement or motherboard repair we can assign a technician who can visit and take a look.

for all other services like laptop repair / macbook repair / hardware upgrade / keyboard replacement / screen replacement / data recovery services you can reach laptop repair mumbai 24hrs on 0977-300-4903 / onsite support is available in all the areas of mumbai and navi mumbai.

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