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data recovery services mumbaithe system crash can be very worrying and stressful if you are working on a project and all the data is stored in the device which just crashes. the system crash is very common in all devices where there are huge operating systems running on the hardware. there can be any reason for a crash of operating or hardware failure including virus, malware, missing system files due to updates, etc. when you see a system crash error on the screen you should always make a note of the error or take a pic and if you will search on google with that exact error code there will some articles on it by which you can understand what was the cause and if there is any fix available for it. if you see any solution try to perform before performing it will be a good idea if you get in touch with any technician and explain the incident to take a second thought.

data recovery can be challenging because of their complex technology how the data is stored in the drive, the best part is most of the cases the data is recovered yes it may take more time than expected due to the head part availability or logical board replacement. When we get any portable hard drive for data recovery in Mumbai we set the drive from diagnosing where we get the result if there is a logical failure or hardware failure like head or platters of the drive-in case if ssd drive recovery its more complex as the chip replacement part for the data recovery is very much costly. The cost of data recovery from ssd or usb pen drive can be variable as both are completely different hardware.

data recovery from macbook: macbook not booting due to water spill or dead motherboard we can get the data to retrieve from it data recovery may take 1 day to 3 days depends on the type of recovery is involved many a time simple new casing can be used to recover data wherein in case of physical damage of the head it will require the head replacement of the hard drive.

data recovery from usb drive: we have seen virus or file corruption is the prime reason for the data loss in usb pen drive the cost of data recovery in mumbai and navi mumbai can be anywhere from 1500 to 15000 depends on the failure type of the hardware the exact pricing can be given after the initial diagnose of the drive.

data recovery from laptops: we can assist you in recovering data from old laptops and non-working notebook in case of data recovery from portable hard drive you can drop at our place, ship it to us or we can get it pickup if you are in mumbai or navi mumbai once we do pick-up the diagnose run on hard drive and report.

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