How much it will cost to get a MacBook Pro Repaired at an Apple Store?

No simple answer is there to the query- “How much it will cost to get a MacBook repair at an authorized Apple store?” Numerous generations and variations of MacBooks are there that have created repairs from as little costly as $300 to as costly as $1500. If you cannot afford to take your costly MacBook to an authorized Apple store, you can take it to the best service center for MacBook Pro repair in Mumbai.

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To make your MacBook Pro repair less insinuating, here we will go through some different repair services and each repair is different from that performed at the Apple store and MacBook Pro repair in Mumbai as well.

The MacBook Pro is a professional device that is used by many and is one of the most common MacBook that repairers encounter at their repair shops. The best way to recognize that you have a MacBook Pro is that it will say it right on your device’s screen. It will not say “MacBook”, it will say “MacBook Pro”.

Identify the year of your device-

In the middle of 2012, Apple started selling the MacBook Pro with a retina display. The retina display was a departure from conventional TFT LCD displays that many laptops used during that time and consequently these new high-end displays increased the repair cost for the display.

MacBook Pro late 2012 and new repair cost started at $400 and more

MacBook Pro mid-2012 and the old repair cost was nearly $200 and below

Can the battery be replaced on the MacBooks?

Determining the cost of the battery replacement of the MacBook starts with the MacBook model year. Contrary to what you have gone through on most websites, all MacBook models’ batteries are easy to replace. Whether the battery can be replaced on its own or not depends on the model. Most of the models before 2012 mid used to have batteries that were easy to replace. MacBooks Pro built after 2012 were screws secured with industrial grade aerospace that needs solvents, heat, and courage to remove.

MacBook Pro late 2012 and new battery repair costs started at $190

MacBook Pro mid-2012 and old battery repair costs were nearly #120

Will Apple repair the MacBook Pro?

Yes, Apple services MacBook Pro at their store across the country. Based on where you live, most repairs aren’t done in the center and are sent off to the facilities in other countries.

If you cannot afford to pay for such facilities, MacBook Pro repair in Mumbai is there to help you and fix the issues easily.

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