How Data is Lost and Tips to Recover it

In computing when you lost your valuable data due to certain reasons and unable to gain access of it then the process by which you can get the access of your valuable data back is known as data recovery. Basically, data recovery is the restoration of your inaccessible data to your laptop desktop or server.

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Causes of data lost

According to laptop repair Mumbai technicians, there are many causes due to which your data can get lost but here are some common causes which the reason for can be losing your data.

Human errors

one of the most common cause of the data lost is human errors updating deleting and editing files is our daily routine it is very common to delete a specific file without having a backup or by mistake delete a use full file. According to a survey more than one third of the data lost incident are caused due to human errors.

Viruses and damaging malware

Viruses can cause you lose your valuable data in today’s era where everyone is connected to the world wide web you always have e aware of viruses there are numbers of viruses out there on the internet created by the hackers to steal your valuable data the recent incident of ransomware attack of 2017 is a good example of that in this attack hacker encrypt your data and then demand ransom in bit coins (crypto currency) to give your data back which however is not trust worthy.

Power failures

Power failure can damage your hard drive which can cause data lose hard drives are the most fragile components of your computer system and it contain all the data. Sometimes when you are working a file and the power goes out and you haven’t stored your data then also you can lose your data.

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It is the most common technique to recover your data in raid small parts of your file are stored in different hard drives. In the scenario of data lost you can recover your data by running your hard drive by an algorithm. The best raid is raid 5

In lab recovery

If your hard drive is physically damaged, then it needs special equipment’s and a clean environment to recover your data.

Data recovery software

If your data is just been deleted by mistake then you can recover it by a recovery software but it will not help you in the case of a damaged hard drives.

If you have lost your data and want to recover it, you must contact laptop repair Mumbai for fast and effective data recovery.

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